Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Stand Up, Get Up - UK Riots 2011

This is a song that I wrote and recorded in early 2010. I have not had the opportunity to create a video for the track until now (due to my lack of knowledge of Windows Movie Maker), but the recent riots in the UK provided me with the video footage, and the inspiration to match the song to the video. This is the end product. If you like the song or the video, feel free to share it on!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Speeches From The ULA Forum (Part 2)

The recent United Left Alliance forum in Liberty Hall (25/6/2011) was the first real opportunity for the different factions within it to debate a possible future programme that the ULA should adopt. Following on from my previous post containing videos of the first plenary session, below are the main speeches from the debate from the floor on the first plenary session "The left response to the crisis" and the speeches from the second plenary session of the day from Seamus Healy, Declan Bree, Richard Boyd Barrett and Joe Higgins.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Labour Party: A Party Of Lies And Broken Promises

A recent Facebook rant  made from the profile of Labour Youth (Dublin South-West) on a ULA event page caused a bit of embarrassment to the national leadership of that organisation, who moved quickly to have the comments removed and went on to issue an apology on their national Facebook page. A young man named Sean Glennon also went onto the national Facebook page to say it was he who had posted the comments, and that he was not a member of Labour youth and did not agree with their values and policies.

However, since then it has emerged that the young man who posted the comments was in fact a prominent Labour Youth member, and was an administrator on their Facebook page. While the comments could be passed off as juvenile naivety, I believe that the whole debacle provides a deeper and more disturbing insight into the policies of the current Labour Party in Ireland.