Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Great Internship Scam: Free Labour Dressed Up In The Fancy Cloak Of Reciprocity

As a recent university graduate and new member of Ireland’s massive 14% + unemployed club, I have been eagerly scouring the internet looking for work. Of course this task was never going to be easy with over 400,000 others on the dole queues, but the task is not being made any easier by the government’s promotion of free labour for employers through the normalisation of internship schemes. A cursory glance over any jobs website with show that many companies are no longer hiring for real jobs and it is only internships on offer. I mean one can't blame the companies can they? If you run a for-profit business and there is free labour on offer, you would be mad not to take advantage of it.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Prostitution: A Viable Form of Employment or is it Sexual Exploitation?

The issue of prostitution is one that has provoked much discussion and debate over the course of many centuries. For some, the so-called ‘oldest profession in the world’ is something that has always and will always be a feature of life. Some suggest it is a viable form of employment as a woman can use her body as she wishes. For others, prostitution is not a profession and is something that stems from both unequal power relations between men and women and exists as a form of sexual exploitation degradation. This article will analyse these two competing arguments on the issue of prostitution by firstly outlining two examples from Australia and the Netherlands where prostitution has been legalised and is seen as viable employment before going on to outline the arguments that suggest that prostitution is exploitation, degradation and based on unequal power relations. I will then critique each of these arguments before concluding that prostitution is the purest form of exploitation that exists towards women and should never been seen as a viable form of employment.