Friday, 8 July 2011

Speeches From The ULA Forum

The recent United Left Alliance forum in Liberty Hall (25/6/2011) was the first real opportunity for the different factions within it to debate a possible future programme that the ULA should adopt. Below are the main speeches from the first plenary session of the day, with an introduction from Ailbhe Smith from People Before Profit, and speeches from  Professor Terrence McDonough from NUI Galway, Kevin McLoughlin from the Socialist Party and Kieran Allen from the Socialist Workers Party. In a previous post  I have already put forward my views on the internal debates within the ULA. By watching these speeches, you can make your own mind up. 

Here is the opening speech from Ailbhe Smith from People Before Profit

Next up was Professor Terrence McDonough from NUI Galway

Followed up by Kevin McLaughlin from the Socialist Party

And finally Kieran Allen from the Socialist Workers Party

Unfortunately, I don't yet have the video from the second plenary session, but as soon as it is available, I will add it on here...

Be Moderate? We Only Want The Earth

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