Monday, 12 December 2011

DCU Student's Union Disrespect Democratic Result

DCU SU President Ed Leamy has just declared the result of the DCU referendum on the funding of higher education "null and void".

The option of a "fully free education system" had won the vote.

FEE DCU will campaign for the democratic will of students to be respected, and for the result to be maintained.The declaration that the result  is "null and void" shows a lack of respect for the democratic choice that students have made.

A new referendum has been called for next year. We don't want another referendum. The students democratic choice was reflected correctly after the first count. 

This is not the Lisbon Treaty. We can't re-run the vote until the people in authority get the result they desire.

Have your voice heard. Demand that the result of the first vote is respected!!
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We Only Want The Earth (And Free Education for Everyone)

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