Sunday, 19 June 2011

Songs Of The Working Class

This is a project that I have wanted to do for some time now but with my university and other commitments I have not been able to take the time to put it together.  I had no unified collection of worker's songs in my possession, and I have not come across one in the shops that brings together all the songs that I love.  So, now that I have some free time I have managed to put this little collection together for your (and my) listening pleasure. Of course, it took me some time to choose a final 17 songs for the album, and I had to leave out song excellent songs of working class struggle.  If you feel there is a song that I have not included that should be on the album, please post a comment on this page and I may make some amendments before I finally produce it.  I intend to put all of these onto CD, and sell the album for €5 each, with all of the proceeds going towards the funding of future campaigns against the water tax, home tax, education cuts etc etc... If you would like to purchase a copy, drop me an email and I can post it on to you.

Song:                                     Artist:                                    Time:

1)  The Internationale           Alistair Hulett                          3.17    (LINK) 

2)  Ordinary Man                   Christy Moore                          4.23   (LINK)

3)  Which Side Are You On  Billy Bragg                                2.35   (LINK)

4)  Joe Hill                               Luke Kelly                                2.49   (LINK)

5)  Viva La Quinta Brigada  Christy Moore                         5.34    (LINK)

6)  The Red Flag               Jimmy Kelly                             3.46    (LINK)            

7)  Solidarity Forever           Pete Seeger                               2.54     (LINK)

8)  Sacco and Vanzetti          Woody Guthire                       5.09    (LINK)

9)  Springhill Mine Disaster  The Dubliners                       4.06    (LINK)

10) Part of The Union            The Strawbs                            2.57    (LINK)

11) Banks Of  Marble             Pete Seeger                              3.16    (LINK)

12) All You Fascists                 Woody Guthire                       1.34    (LINK)

13) Power In The Union        Utah Phillips                          3.03    (LINK)

14) 1913 Lockout                    Christy Moore                         2.15    (LINK)

15) Workers Sing                   Dick Gaughan                          3.11    (LINK)

16) Connolly Was There       Christy Moore                         2.19    (LINK)

17)Stand Up, Get Up            Derek McKenna                      3.18    (LINK)


  1. Graet idea, a good selection too. Lots off Woody and plenty of Christie. Sure it wouldn't be a protest album without them would it.

  2. Yeah I was trying to make it as varied as possible..... So I tried to have a few different artists on it. I think it worked out quite well..... although it was hard to narrow it down to 16... There are so many other good ones!

  3. I like it, I´ve never heard that kind of songs in English,they sound great. They remember me to Victor Jara (an author and singer from Chile who was killed by Pinochet). Here I leave one of the most known songs of him, it is an elegy to √áHernesto Guevara (this version is sung by a Cuban singer, a lot of left singers have a version of this song):

    Juan Carlos

  4. Thanks Juan Carlos.
    I know and love this song too!! I also have a song about Victor Jara by the Irish singer 'Christy Moore' here... I'm not sure if you would have heard it beofre?
    I hope you like it :-)

  5. yeah it was the very fine cheering song for the work class ... thank you....