Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Domino Effect: The Revolution Spreads

In the future when history is being written, the year 2011 will be known as 'the year of the revolutions'. Since the turn of the year we have seen a wave of popular uprisings across the globe. First was Tunisia, where the dictator Ben Ali was overthrown.  Next came Egypt, where Mubarak was forced from power and arrested, before the domino effect took hold and the scent of revolution spread across the middle eastern region. At the moment, uprisings are continuing in Lybia and Syria, although the former has been hijacked by the powers of western imperialism. The African and Middle East uprisings and revolutions would, many thought, be contained to the region. The past week's events in Spain have cast doubts on whether the contagious and infectious idea of revolution can be contained.

Over the past week in Spain, thousands of youths have occupied and camped out in the plazas of Madrid,   Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and other cities. They have been spurred into action by a lack of choice in Spanish politics between the PSOE and the PP. Both parties have subscribed to a programme of austerity to make ordinary people pay for the crisis of capitalism that has been caused by bankers and speculators in the world financial system.

The movement of young people who have camped out over the past week in plazas all over Spain are calling for "Democracia Real Ya" (Real Democracy Now).  They are calling for a real choice in politics, a choice where ordinary people can have a job and not have to pay for the gambling debts of bankers and bondholders.  The protests have revealed what the European political establishment have been fearfully dreading, that ordinary people are beginning to see the exploitative capitalist system for what it is. They are now beginning to fight back. The people of Ireland can learn a great deal from the protests in Spain.  For a few hours today, Dublin's O'Connell Street was a mini Puerto Del Sol Plaza (Madrid). The revolution had been exported.  A solidarity protest was held for the protesters in Spain. Maybe this is the beginning of a popular wave of European uprisings, just like those that have taken place in Africa and the Middle East already this year. Maybe the domino effect will occur, and that people will finally wake up to the tyranny of capitalism and overthrow it.......
Be Moderate? We Only Want The Earth

Below are some photos of the "Real Democracy Now" protest in Dublin today 

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